Understanding hormones

Looking for a Quick Fix for Hormone Imbalance

When women become menopausal they are often left struggling to cope, and desperate to fix the unpleasant signs and symptoms of menopause. However due to the complexities of hormone imbalance there is no such thing as a quick fix for the problems that are associated with menopause. For a woman to fix her hormone imbalance she first has to make healthy lifestyle changes before looking at the available natural supplements and prescribed medications. These attempts to fix hormone imbalance do not have to be difficult and can be implemented by making simple lifestyle changes.

Why do I have Imbalanced Hormones?

Looking for a Quick Fix for Hormone ImbalanceThroughout their lives women will suffer from imbalanced hormone levels at various times. Hormone levels fluctuate on an hourly basis, and during the menstrual cycle and menopause this becomes greatly exaggerated. Furthermore hormone imbalance can cause many adverse side effects.

Hormone levels become imbalanced during menopause because the ovaries are no longer producing the same volume of estrogen and progesterone hormones. The ovaries begin to slow down their production because the body is no longer preparing itself for pregnancy.

However hormones play a large roll in the body, acting as chemical messengers that help to control many of the body’s physical reactions. Consequently when hormone imbalance occurs there are many disagreeable menopausal signs and symptoms.

How can I fix Hormone Imbalance?

Unfortunately there is no way for women to quickly fix hormone imbalance. Although hormone imbalance is extremely uncomfortable and it is relatively easy to fix hormone imbalance, it is not quick. Nevertheless there are certain things that women should do in order to fight hormone imbalance.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Women should begin by making healthy lifestyle changes to help fix their hormone imbalance. Ensuring that five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are being eaten, and having a good portion of whole meal fiber, can make a big difference to women’s health. Furthermore it is extremely important that women exercise for up to half an hour, five times a week. Women have to have a fit and healthy body that is well fed and well exercised, because it is extremely important for helping to fix hormone imbalance.

Natural Supplements

Looking for a Quick Fix for Hormone ImbalanceThere are a large number of natural supplements that say they can fix hormone imbalance. However they all have different advantages and disadvantages. Women should explore what all of these are before turning to natural supplements to fix hormone imbalance. For example black cohosh is a phytoestrogenic herb that acts like estrogen hormones in the body and can help to lessen hormone imbalance symptoms. However it can also slow the body’s natural production of estrogen levels down.

In conclusion if women are finding that the suggestions above on how to fix hormone imbalance are not effective they should visit their doctor for a consultation. Severe hormone imbalance can be extremely disruptive and leave women unable to continue with their daily lives. For severe hormone imbalance symptoms women may require strong medications.

Reviewed on Friday, March 22nd, 2013